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Shoot Your Shot Photo Station, LLC provides additional items to customize your package and make your experience one of a kind.

Custom Scrapbook

Collection of your event photos organized into your own personal scrapbook.

Green Screen Backdrop

Get creative and customize a background to fit your event theme perfectly!

Custom Picture Frame

Customize a photo border to fit your event theme.

Additional Hours

Need additional time? Add additional hours to your package and get the most out of your photo station experience!

Flash Drive

Take home a personal flash drive with all of your photos from the event. Download and print your photos when you choose!

GIFS, Slow Mo, & Video Messages

Create personalized GIFS, slow motion videos, and video messaging to capture a live take of all the action!

Custom Physical Props

Have specific prop ideas to match perfectly with your event theme? Let us know and we'll customize hand held props specifically for your event.

Red Carpet

Give guests a grand experience and add a red carpet for an elegant touch.

Idle Time

Need downtime in between cocktail hour and dinner? Want the booth set up prior to your event start time for early bird guests, but shut it down during your important speech? Use idle time to fill in the gaps and get the most out of your experience!

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